Salon de Danse
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Sini Länsivuori

“You are movement “

- Sini Länsivuori


October 7th, at 16:30 in Paris

Performances at the « Musée Français de la carte à jouer »  

during the exhibition « Le Je(ux) est un autre »

14h00 the program begins


16h30 « Danse inspirée par la carte de tendre »

by Amanda Crider, dance, Sini Länsivuori, choreography 


16h45 « Danse et tour de cartes » 

by Sini Länsivuori, dance & choreography, Elmer Engström, conjurer

Accès :

16 rue Auguste Gervais, Issy-les-Moulineaux

Métro L12 > Mairie d'Issy


More information: 

Download the program (.pdf)

Website of the Musée Français de la carte à jouer

About "Salon de Danse"

In 2013, I created the Salon de Danse- method specifically for non-professional dancers.  It started with a group of women who loved to dance and move and wanted to experience dance classes without too much pressure of learning choreography.   


The method I have developed expands individuals’ movement and allows everyone to use their intuition and movement in an individual way. For each class I create an environment and tone which provides participants a possibility to experience different kinds of sensations and the purifying flow of dance.


In my class you can move without thinking too much, instead, letting yourself free to enjoy the energy and the movement. There is no judgment of doing right or wrong; individual differences are celebrated. 


All you need is an open mind and a wish to dance.  You´ll learn to be aware of your body and your intuition and have the freedom to experience your movement. This way of moving allows you to feel more centered and energized. Light in both the body and mind. 


My Classes


Salon de Danse in Brussels

I am based and active in Brussels area from September 2018. I am giving private sessions and tailor made classes for different people in Belgium.

Get in touch and we can plan a dance session together, according to your wishes. 


Yoga and Dance Retreats in Corsica

I regularly teach Salon de Danse classes in Yoga and Dance Retreats in a beautiful family Villa in Corsica. It is an active and joyful wellness week of dance, yoga, delicious vegetarian food and in the retreat program there is also guided hiking in stunning Corsican landscapes.


“This is more than dance”

Salon de Danse in Paris

I created Salon de Danse - method specifically for non-professional dancers in Paris 2013. It started with a group of women wanting to dance, without too much pressure of learning the choreography, but more enjoying the movement. 


”An incredible opportunity to feel your freedom, your own power, your own expression.”

Tailor made Salon de Danse

Let me tailor a Salon de Danse session for you. It can take place in any space that you choose – your home, on holiday, or your company space.  Sessions can be an individual class or an event with the group of people you choose. Get in touch and we can plan a dance session together, according to your wishes. 



- private classes (1h)

- group sessions (1-2h)

- workshops (1-2 days)

- retreats (3-5 days) 

”Dance classes that take place in inspiring spaces for all kinds of people.”



Founder and instructor, Salon de Danse

Sini Länsivuori completed her studies at the Finnish National Opera Ballet School in 1985 and continued to dance with the Finnish National Ballet. She has danced in many classical ballets and contemporary works by choreographers such as Ohad NaharinWilliam ForsytheJirí Kylian and many significant Finnish choreographers.


She has danced with the Tero Saarinen Company since 1998. Länsivuori finished her studies in dance pedagogy in 2004. Länsivuori has been teaching professional dancers for 15 years all over the world in 30 countries. 

She is the Head of Artistic Development in the Tero Saarinen Company and is responsible for the Company’s teaching operations (currently on leave of absence). 


Sini Länsivuori received the prestigious Finland Prize in 2007.

In 2014, she received the Finnish Dramatic Art Medal of Honor by the Central Organization of Finnish Theatre Associations for her 30-year career. 


She created Salon de Danse in Paris in 2013 and is developing dance classes that take place in inspiring spaces for all kinds of people.


Sini Länsivuori



I Look forward to welcoming you to Salon de Danse! 




​Sini Länsivuori


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